Enlightenment Oroonoko.

The Enlightenment is a much-mentioned, often little understood marker in history. Its importance can and often is overstated. But I do think its important, even if we need to critique and question the consequences of thought that seems to value individuality, reason, empiricism, etc.

Tasks: Consider Oroonokohow does it reflect or not the ideals of the Enlightenment. Youll need to use Oroonoko and at least 1 of the selected texts from the Norton anthologys introduction for the Enlightenment.

You can build off your forum posts, but please do not copy them. And do not use the posts of others, with or without credit.

But Forums 1 and 2 are meant to help you write this paper.

Length: 1000-1200 words of formal writing. Grammar infelicities mar ones writing. So proofread and edit.

In-text citations are necessary for indirect quotation, paraphrasing, or direct quotation. A lack of in-text citations tells me you didnt do the assignment properly.

If you have questions about citation, please ask!

A Works Cited page is necessary.

Structure: Introduction and conclusion are necessary. This is an argumentative paper, so be sure to include an arguable thesis that is backed up by evidence, both directly-quoted and paraphrased (the strongest papers in the Humanities do bothother disciplines have conventions for paper writing.

If you have questions about evidence, please ask!

Sources: Youll need at least one of the selected texts from the Enlightenment introduction in the Norton. And you need to cite Oroonoko.

If you have questions about sources, please ask!

Procrastiwriting: rushed writing feels rushed. I knowthat was mentioned on my first reader report. So take your time!