Energy Return on Investment (EROI) of an Australian Wind Farm

Project Aim: To determine Energy Return on Investment (EROI) of a pre-defined standard wind farm and investigate ways to optimise the most energy rich processes.
Programme: Version 1, 1st April 2020
1. Research and identify the typical processes within a wind farm development.
2. Define a standard wind farm criterion for Australia as of 2020. Justify assumptions by referencing a relevant wind farm under design & construction contract.
3. Determine the embodied energy of each component/process within the wind farm.
4. Itemise data and identify the most energy consuming components/processes.
5. Discuss the flaws in these energy rich processes.
6. Calculate ERoEI (Energy Returned on Energy Invested) rate for the standard wind.
7. Calculate the length of time of complete return on energy invested.
8. Provide alternative methods and materials to reduce embodied energy in wind farm development leading forward.