During this course you have been introduced to digital listening techniques and you have learned how to identify communication opportunities.

During this course you have been introduced to digital listening techniques and you have learned how to identify communication opportunities. In this assessment you are expected to apply your knowledge to solve communication problems, engage stakeholders and achieve organisational goals.
You are required to create a digital media strategy for an organisation or situation of your choice. The process of researching, listening and planning will help you to achieve your communication goals by managing diverse stakeholder groups in the digital media sphere.

Idea Organisation/Situation:
For The Love Of Travel https://www.ftlotravel.com/
Challenge: For The Love Of Travel is currently offering tours for ages 25-39
and mainly focussed on reaching the American market.
For The Love Of Travel wants to build more brand awareness and reach more
travellers from around the world (swift focus to a new audience, and slightly
different product(tours). Another current challenge is how to deal with the
effects of Covid-19. A lot of European countries are already opening their
borders so by targeting travellers from Europe these groups are able to
travel within this region already, while US travellers might not be allowed
to travel to these countries.

Possible opportunities that can be included in the report:
Gen Z is not included in For The Love Of Travel target audience, currently
target travellers from 25-39, they can switch to a new more international
younger group of travellers (aged 18+).
For The Love Of Travel is already all about SUSTAINABLE, “SLOW TRAVEl”,
generation X (18-24) would be perfect to include as a target audience.
See sources about Gen-Z / Millennials in regards to sustainable travel.
https://www.criteo.com/insights/green-travel-trends/, https://globetrender.com/2020/01/12/gen-z-environment-travel-2020/,
Format / Layout Assessment – Instruction
– Cover Page

– Table of Contents

– Executive Summary

– Introduction / Incorporates the Background

SCQA model:
– Situation (Background/ context)

– Complication (What is the challenge?)
The organisation is introducing a new product and it needs to build brand awareness because brand awareness is low.
Brand could be shifted to a new audience, with a slightly different product

– Question (What should we do?)
This report examines how the organization should approach

– Answer
This report is about what the plan should be / needs to be / is.

– Findings

Research, plan and develop a creative and engaging digital media content strategy. Your report must include the following steps:

– Perform an environmental scan to analyse the situation and get to know the community. Identify the conversation and key words.
Internal: McKinsey 7-S Framework
External: PESTEL

– Identify your target audience and analyse their interests and needs.
Customer needs analysis
Stakeholder identification and analysis

– Perform a communication audit to research and analyse the current communication in the digital sphere following the five stages of listening and observing

– Identify the main discourse (dialogue) topics and opportunities

– Set your communication goals to successfully engage your target audience and develop your SMART objectives for each target audience.

– Recommendations

– Reference List

– Appendices (the frameworks can be included in the appendices with the findings of these in the appropriate sections referring to the appendix.
You will need to provide evidence (screenshots) and examples from your research in the report or in the appendix. This will not be included in word count.

You are expected to produce a report that has been checked carefully. Make sure the formatting, structure (font size, spacing, headings) and the logical flow of your report is neat and professional. A messy look is a sign of slapdash work.