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The first component of your inquiry project you will work on is the Introduction. It will be the first thing people read and therefore should be captivating and provide an overview of why the issue is important. The Introduction should provide broadly both sides of the argument with the details reserved for other parts of the poster. Keep in mind that everything you write in this class is required to be factual. You are not to write your opinion on the topic. You will eventually develop a conclusion based on the facts you accumulate. This is the first step and you will build on the initial facts you present. Again, this is a project that you are expected to work on continuously for the 5 weeks of the course.


1. To help you organize your thoughts, please answer the questions provided HERE. I have gone through the assignment myself with some descriptions and examples to help you. Upload your answers to these questions to Canvas. Keep up with any new references you find (in addition to those you’ve already found), and make sure all references are documented in APA style (click for information on this reference style). Remember that this is a project in progress, so your references should be accumulating during the course of the project.

2. Write a brief introduction that provides an overview of the problem, who is affected, and the purpose of your project. In-text citations and full references should be included following APA format. An example is provided HERE.


Please begin now assembling your full references properly as well as citing your references properly within the text. I will provide feedback as we go, and the expectation is that you incorporate the changes in subsequent drafts. Based on common errors I’ve seen in the past, I want to stress the following:

-References are included at the end of an article/paper. APA format includes a one-half inch indent for the second and subsequent lines in the text. This is called a “hanging indent.”

Below is a brief tutorial on how to create a hanging indent in WordAdding a hanging indent in Word

-In-text citations are included within the text of the document. For example, “McMillan et al. (2000) observed an uptick in environmental violations.” The full reference would then be included in the References section at the end of the document.

As always, please email with questions.