DQ3: Using policy to affect self-control

Self-control and crime over the life course (Hay and Meldrum, 2016, ISBN#: 978-1-4833-5899-4) PLEASE INCLUDE THIS AS ONE OF YOUR SOURCES. I have uploaded files which are Chapter 9 of this book.

A key premise of this course is that research and theory on self-control should do more than just advance our scientific understanding of behaviorit also should lead to good ideas that inform public policy efforts to reduce crime and other problems linked to low self-control.

With that in mind, draw from the reading from this unit (or earlier units) to discuss what you see as the most promising programs or approaches to policy. Be sure to explain *why* you see this program/approach as promising. Does it target things that research has found to be important? Is there research suggesting that this program/approach is effective?