Does feminism mean equality

I need to create a critical response, for my HSC major work. The photos I have provided are the guidelines to how This response needs to be completed. There are three main books in which need to be used; Jane Austens Pride And Prejudice, Margret Atwoods The Handmaids Tale, and Mary Wollstonecrafts A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman. Along with some use of other books I have included in the photos. The critical response will follow four main themes which are ; the desire for equality, social independence, misogyny and misandry and hostile and Malevolent sexism. The essay must be factual based on the chosen books, making sure to answer these questions
– what does it mean to be a feminist?
– Is it to fight for the injustice reflection through men or society as whole?
– Who started this movements? If she went wrong?
– How was she able to impact so many people? (she> mary wolfstincroft)
– Is the problem really men?
– Is feminism as relevant as it used to be?
– Has the fight for womans rights moved in the wrong directions overtime?
– What women are facing now that we have equal rights (ethnic, race,disability)
The main question should remain as does feminism equal equality?
Leave the audience with a decision of their own to base their opinions on the facts you have provided