Does church attendance have any effects upon peoples physical health?

Research Question: Does church attendance have any effects upon peoples physical health?

Your task will be to conduct a literature review and modify the question further you should try to focus your research question on some aspect of physical health or church attendance, in order to craft an interesting question, that might lead to some insightful and useful research, and to then define the basic parameters of how you would conduct the research.

Section 1 The research question and main concepts
In this section please write a well-focused research question relating to the given scenario. Then, define the major concepts that are the foundation for your approach to answering the research question. An example question would be Is there a relationship between hot dog sales and violent crime?

Concepts that you would need to define could be hot dogs, violent crime and sales levels.

This section should be 1-2 paragraphs, make sure you explain why you are asking the question the way you are asking it, and why you chose the conceptual definitions that you did.

Section 2 The literature review
In this section, you will conduct a brief review of some of the relevant literature that you might use to answer your research question. Find five scholarly articles that you will review and summarize in this literature review. From your investigation into this literature, try to identify where there are gaps in the literature and where your study could provide useful information. This section should be three full paragraphs, make sure that these paragraphs are organized by topic.

Section 3 Research Methods
In this section, you must cover the following sections:

Sampling strategy
What are the main characteristics of your target population? What is your sampling frame? What sampling method you would use to get participants for your research? Why would you use this strategy?

Data Collection Strategy
What type of data collection strategy would you use for this study? Would you do surveys? Interviews?

Data Analysis strategy
How would you analyze your data? What are the main methods you would use? Statistics? Network analysis? Whatever strategy you choose, make sure you support your choice with a logical, well-reasoned argument.

Section 4 – Ethical considerations
What are some of the ethical issues that you might run into during your research? What steps could you take to minimize the chance that you could cause harm to one of your participants?

The paper should include the headings that are listed in the four sections of the paper above. Using these headings will make it easier for me to identify where you completed each part of the paper. Your paper should be written in an essay style, (not bullet points) using correct grammar and spelling.