The ABC Hospital board is concerned with the large number of patient complaints about the level of service in the Emergency Room. The board is interested in overall patient satisfaction, and whether there were significant differences in physician performance by professional status (residents vs. interns) and shift (day or night), or whether there was bias in quality of service because of patient gender and/or ethnicity.
All patients who went through the ER at the ABC Hospital were given a survey at the time of their release about their satisfaction with the physicians attending them during their stay.
There are six physicians at the hospital: Alexander, Blake, Charlotte, Daphne, Elizabeth, and Finn. Some are resident physicians and some are interns. All doctors do 24-hour shifts.
Patients come from three ethnic groups: Green, Purple, and Blue, and were attended by a physician either during the day or at night.
What you did as the hospital Chief Administration Officer (CAO):
Gathered all relevant data from the patient satisfaction survey pertaining to:
Patients satisfaction data responses
Patients demographics
Physician demographics
What you need to do:
Click and open the SPSS database: RMS608-DB-SLP-PhDHS
Please complete and submit the following tasks in the recommended sequence in each module: