Discussion Q&A: Legal, Ethical, and political Aspects of Healthcare Management

The essay should be 2 pages maximum and should be in APA format with at least 1 cited reference.
Course text is “The Law of Healthcare Administration”, eighth edition by J. Stuart Showalter.

Answer the following discussion questions in a brief, cohesive essay.
1. Describe a hospital’s duty to a person who comes to the ED requesting treatment. Is this duty the same if the person is indigent?
2. What is the liability hazards of requiring all members of the medical staff to take emergency department duty?
3. What are the two types of consent for medical treatment? When does each apply?
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living wills, DPOA for healthcare, statutory advance directives, and POLST?
5. What is the status of the “assisted death” issue in Arizona?