Discussion Board Hypo

“At 8 a.m., Mama called 911 from her home because her six-year-old son, Sonny, stopped breathing. An ambulance took Sunny to a hospital. By 9 a.m., Police Officer Copper arrived at the home, where he found Momma, boyfriend Barry, who was not Sonny’s biological father. Copper saw the beds stripped of sheets, a trash can with vomit inside it, dark vomit in a toilet, and a cell phone on the dining room table. The phone was beeping, and Officer Copper thought it may be Sonny’s dad calling. He picked up the phone and saw the text message, “What should I say at the hospital about the marks on Sonny’s neck?” An investigation revealed the text was sent from Mama’s phone to Barry’s phone, but a network error caused it not to be delivered. Several other messages in the phones inbox and outbox discussed punching Sonny a couple of times, especially a hard one to the stomach. Sonny died by 2 p.m., and Mama is charged with murder.”

Review Chapter 15 (link to notes attached) and the provided hypothetical scenario (ABOVE) and advocate why the text message evidence should NOT be excluded from trial. Be sure to use the terms and concepts covered in Chapter 15 (link attached).

******Students with last names from A-L will be prosecutor; (I am a prosecutor for this assignment*********