Discuss the types of published statistics each agency produces.

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Identify three different types of agencies where records would be important in the criminal justice system.

Discuss the types of published statistics each agency produces.

Bureau of Justice Statistics: The mission of this agency is to collect, analyze, disseminate, and publish information on crime, offenders, victims, operations of all levels of government and justice system. This agency interviews about 135,00 people in about 76,000 households in regard to experience they may have had as victims of crime. They also keep a population count and conduct sample surveys among 7.2 million adults who are subject to care, custody, or control of federal, state, and local criminal just authorities on an average day.

National institute of Corrections: This is a center of innovation, leadership and learning that shapes and advances correctional practice and public policy effectively. Their goal is to manage prisons, jails, and community corrections program effectively. They provide resources of local, state, and federal statistics to help people see the states corrections industries last set of reported data.

National Institute of Justice: Their mission is to enhance the administration of justice and public safety by advancing scientific research, development, and evaluation. Their objectives are determined by existing research knowledge, the ups and downs of programs promised by other federal agencies, and administration priorities.

In your reply post discuss the potential reliability and validity problems with these agency records.

One source must be from The Practice of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice 6th edition, 2017 by Bachman and Schutt.