Discuss Garvey, McKay and Hurstons attitudes toward white America.

Short Answers Journal Essays.

1. Use of the MLA Sample text supplied via Moodle.

2. For clarity of MLA documentation use, acquire a reference text, such as Little, Brown Handbook for in-text quotes and parenthetical citations. Note: documentation for genres of writing differ.

3. .Begin with a thesis statement. Do not write an introduction or conclusion. Write three to four (3-4) paragraphs for each. No Works Cited pages

4. All paragraphs should be nine (9) to eleven (11) sentences.

5. Use textural evidence in the development of each answer, providing MLA style and documentation.

6. Answers must show analysis and interpretation. You are to develop a discussion. Do not misrepresent text.

7. Answers should be the students own analysis and interpretation.

8. Summary of the text and background information about the author and his life are not analysis.

9. Focus the discussion on the Journal Essay topic.

10. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If any aspect of the journal essay is discovered not to be original, the assignment will receive a zero on the assignment.

11. Logic, grammar and mechanics are also taken into consideration for assignment grades. These journal essays are designed to make you think about the application of themes and, more importantly, how the themes can be applied to various works.

12. Submit the correct document to assignments. No document will be returned for failure to do so.

13. Assignments are to be submitted by 5 pm on due dates (Thursdays). Journal essays must be submitted by 5 pm. Quizzes will be available until 5 pm.

14. Submit documents in a compatible Microsoft format, such as .docx. Do not submit documents in the following: Pages, Rtf, or PDF.

Failure to submit assignments in an incompatible format will result in a zero for the assignment.