Discipline Problems

A. Research through the text and on the web to locate an organizational problem in the Management of Human Resource Utilization realm. Some problems may be associated with policies, procedures, organization, personnel, change management, etc. For this assignment, you are a consultant contracted to analyze an issue and recommend a conflict resolution. You will be expected to apply frameworks youve learned about in class and/or your work experience to your analysis and offer recommendations for a solution. Your assignment will be divided into two documents: your written analysis in essay format and your recommendations in the form of a business memo.
Your analysis should include the following:
Statement of the business problem. How does the problem affect the business? What is the source of the conflict? What will be the consequence of no action? Convey these answers in two or three paragraphs;
Analysis of the conflict resolution techniques discussed on p365-366. Explain which would be the best and which would be the worst technique to use in this situation. Convey this information in 2-4 paragraphs;
Discuss options for action utilizing the resolution technique previously identified and your reason for selecting the option chosen. Here you may discuss any shortcomings of other techniques or support the technique you chose;

Your analysis should be two to four pages, with 1.5 line spacing and 12 point font. Please feel free to use headings, graphs, tables, bullet lists, and any other graphics or typography that will enhance the readability of your document.

B. You are a consultant hired to investigate the problem. Create a business memo to management recommending the resolution technique that you chose. Your recommendations should be presented in the form of a one to two page business memo addressed to the CEO of the company (Create a name and address if applicable). Include all necessary information in your memo to make it a stand-alone document presenting your solution to the business problem in the case.