Deviant Disney Paper/Character Analysis

There are two parts to this assignment: a retelling of a classic Disney story
and a case study/character analysis.

Part 1: Your assignment is to take a Disney movie/story and make the main character deviant. To make the character deviant you must have the character involve themselves in two types of social deviance and two types of criminal deviance. You should retell the story in 2-3 pages. This is a creative writing assignment and no citations or outside research are necessary.

This part of the assignment is worth 100 points.

Part 2: In this second part you should first draw your main character,
reflecting the deviance they have become involved in. (I do not expect any of
you to be amazing artiststhis should be fun!) After you have drawn your
main character you must describe in further detail the following items:
Your definition of deviance and deviant behavior (IN YOUR OWN WORDS)
An explanation of social and criminal deviance and how they differ.
Explain the two acts of social and criminal deviance your character was involved in.
Explain one of the deviant acts utilizing a criminological/sociological theory. You should do this in 1-2 paragraphs. You should only use one of the following theories:
o Strain Theory
o Control Theory
o Differential Association Theory
o Labeling Theory