Determine the purpose and write a thesis statement

Assignment Overview:
You will identify a problem (of your choice) and discuss the best possible way to solve this problem. In order to do this, you will analyze the cause or causes of the problem and then propose one or more solutions. Be sure to address how and why the solutions will fix the problem, but also make sure you discuss and answer and potential objections to your solution.

Step 1: Choose a topic
Based off of the readings youve done for the class, choose a problem that is within your own area of experience. Consider solutions for a problem in your home, your community, your school, or your place of employment. This said, make sure you are addressing a problem that is a common problem of many people (for example, poverty, obesity, etc.), rather than a problem that only you may have (such as that you keep losing your keys, or your parents wont let you stay out past 11 even in college, etc.).

Be careful that you dont choose a topic that is too broad (poverty is too big, for example). Narrow it down to something more achievable in a 3-5 page essay (like poverty among women and children in America, or poverty in Fresno).

Step 2: Determine the purpose and write a thesis statement
Your purpose is already provided for this one: you are trying to solve a problem. However, you need to write that purpose into a thesis statement that is persuasive because you are trying to persuade your reader that your solutions are the best solutions for this particular problem. Make sure you do not write In this essay or This essay will be about, or I am going to discuss, or any other overt approach to the thesis. Review the Thesis PowerPoint if you need to.

Step 3: Make an outline or a plan
This is not required to be handed in, but many students still find it beneficial to outline what they are going to talk about. Ive included an outline on the next page to help you with this.

Consider the following:
1. What are the causes for the problem?
2. What are its short-term effects? Long term effects?
3. How might this problem snowball or get out of control?
4. What action will best address the causes of the problem?
5. What might stand in the way of this action?
6. How will the action change the situation?
7. Has this kind of solution been tried before? How did it go?
8. Does this solution have potential shortcomings or limitations?
9. Who should care about this issue?
10. Why might the solution not work?
11. Why is the solution I am proposing better?
Step 4: Do research
You will need to find at least 3 external, legitimate sources to support your writing. These sources might be about the problem or they might be supporting the solutions you are suggesting. However you do it, make sure they are cited in text (with parenthetical, in-text citations), and make sure you have AT LEAST 3 cited sources in MLA format on a Works Cited page at the end of your paper.

Step 5: Write the rough draft
This needs to be 3-5 pages (1000-2000 words), typed, in MLA format. You will need to hand it in online by Saturday, 13 July 2019, by 11:59pm, in order to participate in the class peer review activities.

Step 6: Have the essay reviewed by a peer
Peer reviews will be done online. You will be assigned 2 people whose essays you must peer review if you wish to receive credit for this assignment. You will be graded on your reviews of others works, not on others reviews of your own paper, so please make sure you complete your assigned peer reviews so you dont leave a classmate without feedback, and so you dont lose points. Peer reviews will be due by Wednesday, 17 July 2019, at 11:59pm.

Step 7: Edit the essay
Fix any mistakes you find or that were pointed out to you. You may also consider going to the PASS Center (which can be accessed online) or by going to the on-campus Writing Center to get additional feedback on your essay.

Step 8: Turn the final essay in, on time
The final essay will be due on Saturday, 20 July 2019, at 11:59pm. You will submit this through the Turnitin link in the Canvas course shell. Any essays not submitted correctly to the Turnitin link will not be graded.

Requirements for the final paper:
Paper should be typed in MLA format, using 12-point font and double-spaced. It should be a minimum of 3 pages, with an additional page that is the Works Cited (meaning the three pages does not include the Works Cited page). The Works Cited page should include a minimum of three outside sources, which need to also be cited correctly in the body of your paper (where appropriate). Your essay should have a strong thesis, introduction and conclusion, and there must be clear organization and support for your claims. You will also be evaluated on your usage of grammar and punctuation throughout the paper.

Outline Thoughts for Essay 2
There are a couple ways students tend to prefer to organize their problem-solution essays. These include some of the following options:

Outline 1: More Problem than Solution
I. Introduction with thesis statement giving a brief overview of how there is a problem that needs solving.
II. Problem Explained
III. Proof its a problem
IV. Main causes of problem
V. Solution explained that addresses those causes
I. Conclusion illustrating how this is a big problem with a simple solution. Tie it together and answer so what?

Outline 2: More Solution than Problem
I. Introduction with thesis statement giving a brief overview of how there is a problem that needs solving.
II. Problem explained, with detailed causes.
III. Solution to Cause 1
IV. Solution to Cause 2
V. Solution to Cause 3
II. Conclusion discussing how this is a complex problem and needs many solutions. Tie it together and answer a so what?

Outline 3: Balancing Act
III. Introduction with thesis statement giving a brief overview of how there is a problem that needs solving.
IV. Problem Explained
V. Proof and causes detailed
VI. Solution Explained
VII. Proof this is the best solution & details (may take multiple paragraphs)
VIII. Conclusion illustrating how this solution is the best solution for this problem. Tie it together and answer so what?
NOTE: These are just a few IDEAS of how to approach the organization of this essay. There are many more, personalized, approaches to this paper. You dont have to use these approaches, but I shared them in case you found them helpful!