Determinants of Foreign Direct Investments

It’s a research about the FDI in post communist Central-East European countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania. Baltic countries could be included, in case they could delight the goal of the research.
Goal of the research: To find out the most important determinants for the FDI decision. The writer should successfully explain on the results of the research, “why some countries performed better than others”. Aka: Which determinants have caused this result.
It’s a writing that has to comply with the requirements and specifications of the level of masters degree. I have already written a paper on the same subject for the southern-east region of the ex-communistic Europe. So, I don’t need the whole paper with intro, literature review and all this stuff.
What I need is:
– The methodology – explain the methodology that will be applied and the reasons that it has been chosen (why this and how it will work)
– Data collection and analysis
– Work on the data again after the first results
– Produce the final results
– Discussion of the findings-results
– Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation fur further research
– References
– Appendices, like excel tables with date etc.

The method of research is the QCA.
Please don’t make any bid, if you didn’t work with QCA before!
The QCA technique should be the multi level QCA.
The style of writing should be the APA style. Please don’t do any mistakes on the style. Try to avoid references to webpages, if they aren’t worldwide acceptable like e.g. UNCTAD, IMF, etc. So, no Wikipedia references will be accepted. Magazines would be ok, if they are specialized and worldclass magazines.
I already fulfilled my first Masters Degree on that subject, so I am a bit demanding, because it is a well known subject for me.
The estimated price of the webpage is around 468.00 USD. So, try to do your best bid.