Determinants of Foreign Direct Investments


A. The Subject
FDI in post communist Central-East European countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania.
Why some countries perform better than others.

B. The Goal
To find out which are the most important determinants for the FDI decision of the investors, which result in, the different performances between the countries of research.
Aka: Which determinants have caused this result.

* Baltic countries could be included, in case they could delight the goal of the research.

It’s a writing that has to comply with the requirements and specifications, of the level of a master’s degree.

What I’m searching for is:

1. Writers with the best possible English language knowledge. The expressions and the sentences should be flowently and easy understandable.

2. The chosen writer should be able to complete:
2.1. The methodology. Explain why the chosen method is the QCA!!! Why could it bring us close to a causal explanation of FDI in theese countries, better than quantitative methods.
2.2. Explain which technique of QCA will be used!!!
2.3. Choose the determinants according to the best theories explaining the FDI phaenomenon.
2.4. Find the data needed to apply the QCA. From the best and most accurate resources worldwide. From 1990 until 2015 if not 2019, aka 25 years at least. Sources: CIA, UNCTAD, IMF, etc, or specializes worldclass scientific magazines, specialized in politics, in ecomomics and in business.
2.5. Show some descriptive statistics, talbles and diagrams with data, in order to connect them with the determinants and simple show the reader what it is all about.
2.6. Apply the QCA technique and make the trueth table, in order to find out the first results.
2.7. Discusss the first results and according to them, apply the second phase of data QCA, in order to find out the best possible results.
2.8. Discuss the end results. The final findings of the research.
2.9. Give ground to further research.
2.10. References (APA style)
2.11. Apendices (like data-tables, diagrams, maps etc)

3. The writer should be accurate to the APA style and make also references at the end of every page. If needed even in-text references.

4. Don’t use resources that are not accepted in the scientific academic field. No Wikipedia and no newspaper articles for the people.

5. Don’t make bids for more than 400$. I analysed already the whole project. You just got to find the appropriate data and conduct the qualitative research!
That’s not a big deal, unless you have no idea about the subject of the method. In that case don’t bid!
Any experienced writer could complete it in a few days, but I give you plenty of time. So 300-450$ MAXIMUM.
To give you an idea, the estimated price of the web-page is 218.40$. So even a bid of 300$ should be more than enough to
compensate such a work.

Save us both time and effort and be honest with yourself. So, if you ‘re not able for the project, DON’T BID!