Describe the events that led to the Grand Jury indictment of Ford

Case Study 7.1 The Ford Pinto
Read the case study Hoffman Pinto Case Study

Write a minimum 6-page essay in content (Cover or Title page & References or Work Cited page cannot be counted as content), no more no less, please.

The paper should include the following:

An overview of the case:
Describe the events that led to the Grand Jury indictment of Ford
Describe and analyze the trial from the perspective of Elkhart County, and Ford Motor Company
Identify and discuss the ethical perspective Ford followed in their handling of the Pinto incident:
Discuss the analysis Ford undertook in coming to their ethical position
Describe the ethical decision making processes Ford could have used, which might have led to a different ethical decision
Discuss alternative ethical perspectives Ford might have taken
If you agree with Ford’s handling of this case, support your position.
If you disagree with Ford’s handling of this case:
Identify and discuss leadership practices that were/were not followed by Ford which led to their decisions
As a executive of Ford, discuss and describe the ethical perspective you would follow and why
Identify and discuss at what level of Moral Development you believe Ford was operating
Describe and discuss the ethical dilemmas faced by individual contributors/followers and mid-level leaders at Ford and what does their course of action say about their Level of Moral Development.
Describe and discuss actions from an ethical followership perspective.
What is your analysis of Ford from an Organizational Citizenship perspective:
Identify and discuss the components of Organizational Citizenship
Identify and discuss the Four Stage of Issue Maturity Scale you would place Ford
As a leader at Ford discuss identify and discuss goals you would set going forward
As a result of analyzing this case, what new knowledge did you gain regarding organizational behavior and ethical leadership practices? (This question should be addressed in the summary/conclusion section of your paper.)
You are expected to use course readings, materials and other sources to assist in your analysis of the case.
If you utilize outside resources be sure to provide attribution to those sources. Compose your response to these questions into a Microsoft Word document .

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