Describe current state, D. Benefits of current state if applicable, E. Challenges and risks, F. Identify possible solutions and G. Expected benefits of solut

A. Conduct literature research on subject, at least two articles per each topic.

B. Describe Pre Covid state
C. Describe current state, D. Benefits of current state if applicable, E. Challenges and risks, F. Identify possible solutions and G. Expected benefits of solut
APA format, plagiarism free is a must. They have powerful plagiarisms tools. The paper has 3 parts. Im currently working on the second and third part, need help with this section. Any of the three topics mentioned above are acceptable, or any other topics that are specific to the ICU. I was thinking about manual proning for intubated/non intubated patients, code blue, visitation policy, nursing staff shortages, infection control, PPE shortages. All ICUs across US and worldwide had to restructure and change some protocols regarding many policies and procedures due to COVID 19.
For example, Research suggests that manual proning may be helpful in some COVId 19 patients that developed ARDS( acute respiratory distress syndrome). It is also used in awake patients early in the process to prevent endnotracheal intubation and hopefully reduce mortality rate.
As far as visitation policies. All units within hospital settings changed this policy during Covid 19 epidemic. No visitors are allowed anywhere in the hospital, including ICU. This is very frustrating for patients as they are not allowed to see their loved ones even when on the brink of death.

Also, CODE blue in the ICUs are now handled very different than prior to COVID pandemic. For example, CPR is started immediately on all patients that are proned until the resuscitation team can don PPE and turn patients on their back.

As far as infection control, all hospitals are now monitoring temperature and asking for covid specific symptoms for all employees coming to work. This may prevent transmitting the virus among colleagues and patients

Proper citation must be utilized after each thought or sentence. No copy/paste. Everything must be rephrased.

No more than 6, max 7 pages, five pages its ok.

Ok, here are some other changes Ive noticed in the ICUs.
Most hospitals were short staff during covid, so they had to redeploy nurses from other areas of specialties to the ICU. The problem is that those nurses had minimum to no training in the ICUs. Typically it takes 3-6 months to properly train an ICU nurse. OR, PACU and Cath Lab nurses were mostly deployed to the ICU. Most deployed nurses only received 3-4 days of training which is a joke.
PPE shortages remains a major concern for all hospitals and health care workers nationwide and worldwide. Hospitals are sterilizing masks with chlorhexedine solution so that nurses can resume them for up to 10 times. This is something Ive noticed first hand from relatives who work in the ICU.

Nurses and doctors must wear those masks for 12 plus hours which can cause anxiety, headaches, nausea, facial skin breakdown. Its very hard to breath through the N95 masks. Many hospitals provide psychological support for their employees as this pandemic caused terror and great distress for so many healthcare workers to the point that some even experienced PTSD.

I mean I could sit here and write for hours and hours. Its just that I have so many other projects to work on and simply dont have the time.
Just so you know, I have to run the paper to a plagiarism tool myself before submitting full payment. Also, Ill need to read the whole paper and see if it needs some editing before the final payment please.


Please incorporate some of my ideas and thoughts into the paper. I did tons of research on it and was ready to start writing but again, I need to work on a thousand other projects. Should I send you the links for some articles I found?

They are all on PubMed.

Characterization and clinical course of 1000 patients with Coronavirus disease 2019 in New York: retrospective case series. doi: 10.1136/BMj.m 1996

Preparing your intensive care unit for the COVID-19 pandemic: practical considerations and strategies.

A need for prone position CPR guidance for intubated and non-intubated patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Two more important resources and all done. Please note that these articles are just some suggestive resources I found. You can use others as well.

Eaely Self-Proning Im Awake, Non-intubated Patients in the Emergency Department: A single EDs Experience During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Nicholas D. Caputo, Md, MSc, Reuben J. Strayer, MD, and Richard Levitan, MD.

Early Self-Proning, not Eaely, sorry

Respiratory Pathophysiology of Mechanically Ventilated Patients with COVID-19: A Cohort Study. DOI: 10.1164/rccm.202004-1163LE

Thats all I got. Thank you so much. Please let me know if you have any other questions.