Dental Radiographs

Short Assignment
Answer each question in a minimum of 50 words.
1. Some patients argue that they prefer not to have x-rays because of the radiation exposure.
List activities that submit patients to radiation on a daily basis?
2. Assess the below radiographs and answers the questions

Critical Thinking Questions
Answer each question in a minimum of 50 words.
1. When determining a patients periodontal condition, how helpful is periodontal charting
without radiographs?
2. Explain how radiographic evidence can make or break a legal case.
3. What constitutes an excellent set of radiographs?
1. In 100 words or less, explain why it would be important to have radiographs on a view
box during periodontal dbridement.
2. Research digital radiography and compare the amount of radiation exposure to patients.
How can you use this information when discussing radiation exposure with a reluctant
patient? Visit the following websites and read about digital radiography in two specialties
before formulating your response ( 2 paragraphs).