definitions of the terms leading, managing, and following ,answering two classmates discussions

Search the University Library or Google Scholar for definitions of the terms leading, managing, and following.

Interpret the definitions and, in your own words, explain how the terms are interconnected and how they often play out in a clinical nurse setting.

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Classmates 1
Leading is being able to use your abilities/skills and individual characteristics to form relationships with others to recognize situations in the environment, interpret them and then plan next course of action with a defined plan. Unknowns require leadership roles to create solutions, help to excel and or cope depending on the situation that presents itself.
Managing is having the ability to provide guidance, control, implementing and evaluating people and/or situations. In managing there are no unknowns, everything is based on past experiences in which outcomes and feedback are used to improve work efficiency.
Following is when members of a group collaborate and share their ideas, knowledge, skills, experiences, and feedback that can be used to achieve organizational goals/outcomes.

These terms are interconnected because they are the working parts required to succeed in meeting and exceeding the mission statement, goals or outcomes desired by an organization. These roles are played out in the clinical setting daily for example, leading can be seen in lead nurses who we can turn to for questions, help or clarification in the clinical setting. Management can be seen when lead nurses are managed by the nursing supervisors who provide statistical feedback on staff performance of the unit as a whole. Lastly following is when the unit is following the guidelines, goals, protocols set forth by the hospital administrators.

Classmates 2
Leadership in nursing is defined as a nurse who is inspiring others to improve their quality of care and performance within the clinical setting. It is the practice of leading initiatives that help improve nursing practices and outcomes.

Management in nursing is defined as an engaged process of guiding others through practices and procedures that are evidence based and known to predict successful patient outcomes. It is a process of directing nursing departments or teams to practice the best care to patients.

Following- in nursing is defined as nurses engaging with others who are leading and managing by contributing to problem identification, completing their work, and providing feedback for evaluation.

In nursing leadership, management, and following are interconnected and they play out in a clinical nurse setting because all nurses experience situations each day in which they must lead, manage, and follow. For example, nurses lead, manage, and follow on daily basis through assignment making, patient and family problem solving, discharge planning, patient education, and coaching and mentoring staff. Leadership, management, and following enhance each other.