Defining the cyber domain

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the organization you chose in the Week 1 discussion, “Key Components of an Information System as Related to the Cyber Domain,” is looking for more information on the cyber domain in hopes of determining the organization’s cybersecurity needs. As a cybersecurity consultant, you believe you can provide the CIO with the information he needs.

Using Microsoft Word, write a 1- to 2-page communication to the CIO of the organization. Provide an overview of the following in your letter:

– A definition of the cyber domain and its key components or aspects. The cyber domain encompasses cybersecurity, a discipline that involves the following:
– Securing computer information, communications systems, networks, infrastructures, assets
– Protecting them against damage, unauthorized use, modification, exploitation
– The components of an information system, elaborating on the similarities to the cyber domain
– An approach to implementing information security for the organization you chose and how that approach could be expanded to the larger cyber domain
– The systems development life cycle compared to the cyber domain life cycle
– The components of the threat environment for the organization you chose, including an argument that a threat to the organization is also a threat to the larger domain