* The topic options for your group presentations are:
1. Topic A: Voluntary Assisted Dying should be extended to other states in Australia for individuals suffering from chronic illness.
2. Topic B: Medical Marijuana – The medical ust of marijuana should be repealed in Australia for individuals suffering from a chronic illness.
3. Topic C: Complementary Therapies – complementary therapies have no place in the management of Chronic Illness in Australia.
4. Topic D: Advanced Care Directives are an essential in contemporary management of chroinc illness

You should self select into pairs for the video debate assessment task. Please read your assessment task instructions carefully to ensure you understand the topic content required for the video presentation.

In pairs you are required to produce a video presentation with a total duration run time of 10-15 minutes.
It is recommended that you divide and share the workload evenly. You may choose to present one video, or if you are unable to film together or edit your video you may produce your CBE session in two parts – however, there must be some continuity between the two videos, the two parts must make a cohesive whole.
Please ensure that the combined parts of the video presentation do not exceed the 15 minute total duration limit.
Students working on the task will be allocated the same marks as each other. Each student should be able to demonstrate to the course coordinator that you have participated equally in the task.
Time to further develop or record this education session will be made available during the week 7 ALS sessions for standard students, or at another time

Individual evaluation
Individual evaluation (15%)
Working in partnership with another can be rewarding, it helps to halve the workload involved and offers insight into how others approach their work. When seeing anothers view of the world valuable learning that opens you as an individual to different ways of thinking can occur. On the other hand, challenges can arise and compromises need to be made when others have opposing and different views to yours. Please remember that at all times in your evaluation you must demonstrate respect for your partner.

Guidelines for evaluating the task:
* A description of the process you undertook: division of tasks, collaboration, etc
* What worked well
* Any challenges you encountered and how you overcame them
* What you have learnt from this exercise
* Dont forget to include a brief introduction and a conclusion.
* 3-5 references