Death of a salesman (1985)

(As briefly as possible, pinpoint the dramatic structure. How does the playwright organize the story?

Is there a prologue? Soliloquies (solo monologues) that move the action along? How is the exposition handled? Is there a chorus and how are they utilized?


(What type of Language is used? Does the playwright use simple, straightforward, everyday language? Does the playwright use more complex language? Please include a direct quote from the play to demonstrate your statements regarding the language used.)


(Select and write a paragraph about any pivotal character in the play. You can choose any character you wish. How does the character impact the story? Write about the Actors abilities)


(Write a paragraph about the music and sounds presented in the production. How do you think the music and/or sounds create mood and/or impact the overall feeling of the production?


(Write about the impact and overall cohesiveness of the costumes, lighting and set design. Does the spectacle enhance the production?


End your paper with clear statement about the overall impact of the elements utilized within the production.