current events/sociology

1. Introduce Topic:

Please choose a current event or issue that is important to you. State clearly the current event or issue, and describe the issue, in detail, to the reader. Your topic should demonstrate that you have a better understanding of the event/issue now that you have taken this course.

2. Sociological Perspectives:

Select at least three different sociological perspectives and use the main concepts and ideas from these perspectives to explain and describe the issue youve identified. Make sure you include the name of the theorist (if applicable), as well as clearly describe the perspective using terms and concepts from the course. You want to make sure you are demonstrating your understanding of each perspective, as well as how they apply to your issue.

3. Influences:

Select at least two of the following and discuss the role or influence they have related to your issue:

Family or Marriage
Social Structure
Prejudice, Discrimination, or Stereotypes
4. Agent of Change:

To conclude your paper, you will be required to provide suggestions as to how to improve or address the situation or issue youve identified.

What needs to happen in order to make change?
How could you get this process started?
Who would need to get involved?
How would you persuade others to get involved and help?
How would you persuade others to change their mind?
As you prepare your paper, be sure to utilize your newly learned terminology and knowledge from the course. Each paper should start with an introduction to the topic, contain a strong body substantiated with facts, in-text citations, and a conclusion utilizing your critical thinking skills.

Follow APA guidelines, provide a cover sheet and a reference page which is not to be counted in the page count.