Cultural diversity in the workplace: what are the advantages and disadvantages

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze an issue in the workplace related to diversity and inclusion faced by an industry or field. The target organization may be one where you currently work or one where you might like to work or simply an organization that you are curious about.

Include the following sections in your paper:

Executive summary: Overview /Summary of the Issue.
Introduction : discuss the issue and its relevance to Diversity and Inclusion(services or products, leadership, structure, mission, vision, and industry).
Strategic issues the industry and the organization are facing today.
Your analysis of how well the organization is managing diversity
The degree to which they have an inclusive multicultural corporate culture.
How corporate culture, policies, practices and programs seem to boost or undermine morale for employees from diverse backgrounds and others
Any other opinions about the industry’s management of diversity
Your recommendations to the organization for improving their management of diversity
Citations should from a minimum of five peer reviewed journals, no older than five years, one from the textbook related to the topic and four from other sources, preferably from the Barry Library link on course website, properly cited using APA format. The paper should be a minimum of ten (10) narrative pages, (2500 words) double spaced, in 12 pt. font. Students are also required to include an Assignment Cover Sheet (see Appendix). See Embedded Rubric for Applied Paper for grading criteria. Note: Submissions posted/submitted past the due dates will not be accepted.