Create an Animal Project

You can choose an ecosystem and feeding levels from the attached instructions. For this assignment, You will use what youve learned in class to design an animal that can thrive in the assigned conditions. You will then create a slideshow of similar structures on existing animals and discuss the advantages conferred by your chosen structures by scripting the presentation in the notes of the slideshow.

You must represent all the ways your animal is adapted to life in the prescribed ecosystem and feeding level. As with the create-a-plant assignment, you will be required to have a visual representation of your created animal.

Your design must be functional, so you need to provide valid justification for your design choices. This is best accomplished by using the principals and concepts you learn in class. Therefore, it is important to focus on these features as you work through the animal labs.
Dont copy an animal you have seen or one that you know exists come up with a unique combination of characteristics that will help your organism survive and thrive in its habitat.