COVID-19 raises ethical dilemmas for many physicians

COVID-19 raises ethical dilemmas or challenges for many physicians faces as front line

How can physicians deal with the mental stress of making life-or-death decisions caused by equipment shortages?

With a shortage of PPE, what ethical dilemmas do physicians face when it comes to caring for patients who may be infected with COVID-19 but the doctors lack the proper equipment to safely treat the patient?

What are the ethics around not allowing end-of-life visits by family members, leaving someone to die alone?

Many physicians have young children or elderly parents at home. Is it ethical for them to not show up for shifts at a hospital where COVID-19 is prevalent? How should physicians keep their families safe while still meeting their ethical obligations as a doctor?

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The American Medical Association is developing short-use cases that apply guidance from the AMA Code of Medical Ethics to issues as they are emerging in the pandemic that are posted to the AMA’s COVID-19 Resource Center as they become available. The full Code is available online at