Corrections/Both Institutional and Community

Unit III Assignment
For this assignment, you will apply the information in this chapter as well as focus a bit on your own thoughts in regards to
corrections, both institutional and in the community.
In this two-part assignment, you will address the questions below. Each part must be at least one page in length.
Part 1: Go through the sentencing trends over the past 5 decades. First, identify them and briefly explain them. Then, wrap
this section up by explaining how you think these have all changed corrections and sentencing today.
Part 2: Pick two types of community supervision that interested you in this unit. Explain what each is, how it is used, and
then detail its benefits. Be sure you focus on the benefits in the community, the offender, and the victim. Wrap this section
up with your thoughts on these and if you think they are a benefit to society as a whole. Make sure that you explain yourself
The assignment must be at least two pages in length. You must include a cover page and reference page, which do not
count toward the minimum page requirement listed. You must include one other source besides the textbook from an
academic source. The Waldorf Online Library provides many academic source options. Adhere to APA Style when
constructing this assignment, including a title page, and in-text citations and references for all sources that are used.