Controversy in Health Care

Current Events: Review each chapter in your required textbook to identify topic areas. Find a current event (news, article, video etc) that correlates specifically to a topic within each specific chapter of your text. Provide a two page summary of the event, how it correlates to the related chapter, AND your thoughts. Use APA to cite both the textbook and whatever outside sources you used in your summary. Use the following owl.purdue website as your source since this will be used as the grading rubric for proper APA use.

**I have selected to use the topic STEM CELL RESEARCH. I have attached the pages from the book that correlates with the topic and must be used as a reference. The citation is as follows:
Standford C., & Connor V. (2020) Applied law and ethics for healthcare professionals. (2nd ed) Jones & Bartlett. Burlington

I also found one article and have also attached it. You will need to find two more current event articles. This teacher runs papers through software so please, please use in text citations.