Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Writing APA Paper 4 Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Before you begin writing, you must first carefully read Chapter 21 ad Chapter 22 in your textbook. If you are struggling with work and need extra time, please let me know.
The following are guidelines for your paper.

1. Page 1 must have a running head, page numbers, and a title as per APA format

2. Page 2 must have a title, and subsequent pages must also have a running header and page numbers per APA format.

3. The introduction paragraph must have a purpose statement, telling the reader what the paper will be about. Students will provide a quick overview of the topics that will be covered and include a reference to the textbook.

4. There are three alternatives for this small paper. Choices 1 & 2 are in your textbook for Chapter 21, Select one of the following learning exercises related to conflict resolution and negotiation (21.1, 21.2). Label the paper using the exercise number (example Learning Exercise 21.1). Choice #3 is related to the current COVID-19 Pandemic and how you have managed yourself, or if you are a manager, how have you managed a team during this time of crisis. Use Chapter 22 of your textbook and incorporate something related to unions and or collective bargaining.

5. The paper should be no longer than 6 pages total, with a title page, a reference page, and 4 pages of text. You may use first person and personal communication in the text but may not use quotes. The paper should include one evidence-based practice article, and a reference to the textbook chapter related to the learning exercise you have discussed.

6. This paper will be submitted to turn it in automatically when you attach it to Sakai. You may submit as many times as needed if you need to make changes to get your Turn it in score to 10% or lower. This paper is worth 50 points. Up to 20% of the paper may be deducted for APA format, spelling, punctuation, and usage of their own words.