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7. Graded LP4.1 Skills Check: Writing Objective Case Notes and Logs

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This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin.Instructions

Review the videos found in the additional assignment instructions below, and use what you have learned about observing and recording objectively to generate case notes for each one.

Use the case note template found in the Student Resource Folder (LP 4.1 Resource). Copy and paste it into a new Word document for each video.

Watch the video, A Day In The Life Of OCD Art Installation posted by Brody Brian Darik and located at the following link: Write a case note, sometimes called a Daily Log, about the young man in this video as though you are witnessing his day. You should write a minimum of 250 words.

Watch the movie clip, Only the Strong (1993) Part 3 of 7 posted by Antwon Wade and located at the following link: until minute 8:45. Write two case notes as though you were the teacher. Keep in mind that this clip spans two days. You should write between 250-300 words for each note.

Submit this assignment in a Word Document to your instructor via the dropbox. This assignment is worth 30 marks.

Your work will be evaluated with the corresponding rubric.