comprehensive action plan, from the perspective of a special education administrator.

This Action Plan is to be based on data determined through your case analysis (Assignment #2: System Analysis/Informal Program Evaluation), feedback from colleagues, course materials, readings, and prior professional experiences. As such, your task is to develop a comprehensive Action Plan for the general organization and administration of special education, related services, or an agency serving persons with disabilities
The purpose of this assignment is to develop a comprehensive action plan, from the perspective of a special education administrator. Prepare a comprehensive action plan to implement changes in a linguistically and culturally responsive work, that should improve programs, services, supports, and outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities. Review and investigate the literature and documents related to the demographics of your school, school district, agency, or organization, and the
community. The comprehensive action plan should address the following key elements separately and extensively:

1. Introduction and overview: Briefly describe your current work environment (use the analysis that you did in Assignment #2) or work environment in which you plan to be employed (school, school
district, agency, or organization) for the implementation of the proposed comprehensive action plan.

Describe the demographic characteristics of your current or planned work environment to include the following elements:

Name of work environment
State of work environment
County of work environment
City of work environment
Locale (e.g. suburb; large)
Total number of students
Total number of students with exceptionalities
Categories of exceptionalities
Total number of students in each exceptionality
Racial/Ethnic background
Total gender numbers
Number of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch
Community median household income
Community individual median income

2. Description of the Action Plan Model: Create and provide a detailed description of the action plan to include the following:

a. Vision and Mission Statement of the Action Plan: Based on the cultural, social, and economic diversity of your current or planned work environment, create a revised vision and mission for the proposed action plan. Clearly state the underlying philosophy guiding the actions and activities designed to strengthen the programs, supports, and services for all individuals, including those with disabilities. Identify and describe how the vision and mission reflects an environment that promotes the following:

Respect and ethical practice.
Support for linguistically and culturally responsive practice.
Respect and safeguard of individual and family rights.
Encourages challenging expectations for all individuals.
Parent/student/teacher collaboration.
Evidence-based practice.
Continuous improvement for all individuals.
Adequate allocation of resources to improve programs, services, and outcomes.
Provide references to support your vision and mission for the action plan.

b. Goals of the Action Plan: Identify and clearly define at least three goals that are realistic and achievable, based on the findings from Assignment #2, System Analysis/Informal Program Evaluation. Each goal should encourage challenging expectations for all students including those with exceptionalities, as well as create and maintain a collegial and productive work environment.

c. Required Resources: Clearly identify and list the human and fiscal resources required to achieve each of the goals and the rationale for needing each one.

d. Action Steps: Clearly define and describe each possible action steps needed to achieve each goal. Arrange the steps in a logical, chronological order.

e. Barriers or Challenges: Identify and clearly describe potential problems encountered during each of the action steps and potential solutions.

f. Individuals or Groups Responsible: Clearly identify and
describe the individuals or groups who would be responsible for implementing each of the action steps

g. Start Date and Completion Date: Identify the possible proposed start and completion dates for each action step selected.

h. Progress Monitoring: Select and describe assessment strategies that would be used to monitor progress toward achievement of the goals.