Compose a review essay over one of the following film The Matrix: A film you viewed recently or a film you find yourself revisiting often.

Your final essay should contain the Features of the Form outlined on the page in this module. Your essay should have clear criteria on which you base your judgment, and you should clearly indicate your judgment of the item being reviewed. It is possible to have a mixed (both positive and negative) review.
Your essay should be at least 750 words (not including the heading and title) but no more than 1000 words. Make sure to follow all format requirements as outlined in the sample paper and to participate in the Peer Mark Review activity!

Film is The Matrix

Should include the following:
Argument of evaluation
Groundbreaking fighting scenes
No limits of possibility , martial arts, computer coding
Standards they must meet
Applies to the whole genre
Humans vs machines
Science fiction movie The Matrix was created in 1999 by writer and director Wachowskis.
The concept of reality within a reality
The concept of The Matrix
What is The Matrix?