Community of Practice Resource Bank

Early childhood educators have the responsibility to advocate for children, families, the field, their program, and themselves. Knowing where to locate resources and how to become connected to different groups can help meet this responsibility.

Create a community of practice resource bank. Research five groups that you may be interested in joining as a community of practice.

Each community of practice should contain the following:

Name of community of practice
Contact information
Background information on the purpose or mission of the community of practice
A summary of how you would benefit from becoming a member of the community of practice
A summary of how the community of practice would benefit from your membership (How will you contribute to the community of practice?).
Note: A community of practice is a group of individuals who come together over an extended period of time to advocate, reach a common goal, or to develop knowledge. A community of practice is collaborative. A community of practice is not a conference, a workshop, or a resource you use sporadically or only as needed.

Include a title page, a reference page, and, if needed, in-text citations. Format these components according to APA standards.