Communication in the healthcare setting

You will use the most appropriate technology method listed for this learning plan to communicate information to a physician at another office in your clinic system. Please be sure your response uses the form of communication that allows a hard copy of the information to be transmitted to the physician as well as assuring that the security and confidentiality requirements are met. Templates may be used to get you started.

Scenario: You work for an urgent care facility. One of your patients this afternoon, Jason Manseau, had some testing done to try to help with his symptoms of diabetes. The physician he saw, Thomas Siegers, M.D., would like you to send the records from his visit to Jasons family practice physician, Steve Strong, D.O. Along with the records he would like you to send along the information on digital resources for patients with diabetes that can help him manage his symptoms. Please be sure this gets done right away so they have the information to put in Jasons medical record and for his appointment next week.

1. You will compose the document that will list what you are sending and how many pages it will be along with any other required information.

2. You will save and include the attached progress notes as part of the documentation you are sending to his family practice physician.

3. The final piece of this assignment will be to research a digital resource that would be helpful for Jason. Answer the following questions about the digital resource you found:

What is the resource and describe the authority and accuracy of the resource? (who makes it and success of this resource)
Describe the objectivity and currency of the resource. (What is the goal and how is it used to help patients)
How would you use this resource in your future career in healthcare?

Answer these questions in paragraph format in a separate Word document. Include any links that were used in this document as well. Save all documents and submit all of them through the link above. Please use the physician information below as needed.