Communicating Findings

Read Chapter 6, 13, and pages 170-172 in the textbook, Reading, Understanding and Applying Nursing Research.
Review the articles:
What Are Some Ways to Effectively Communicate Research Findings to the Rest of My Facility So I Can Make Needed Changes in Our Clinical Practice? by Flaugher.
Mixed-Methods Research So Far Easier Said Than Done? by Mengshoel
Prepare to discuss the following prompts:
Describe in detail the methods of communication listed by Flaugher and explain which type of communication you might use for your chosen meta-analysis and why you chose that method of communication.
After reading the section in the textbook on Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methods and the article by Mengshoel, discuss how mixed-methods studies can used for a study on associate-degree registered nurses anxiety about obtaining a bachelors degree in nursing.
Navigate to the OCLS site via IWU Resources and conduct a literature search for a meta-analysis style article written on a nursing topic. Do NOT use articles from previous workshops; choose a new article. Identify and describe the topic that has been used in the meta-analysis you found. Why was a meta-analysis used versus some other type of study? Attach a link to your article with your posting.