civil rights movement

There were many different approaches to the civil rights movement. Use the primary source readings:
Malcom X, The Ballot or the Bullet (1964) and Martin Luther King, Jr., The Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955). Answer this specifically: How do Malcom X and Martin Luther King, Jr. view/understand the Civil Rights movement? Were their views in this movement similar or different? Pick one side and explain how/why. Remember to cite specific quotations from the text.

paper should not be a simple free-flow of ideas/narration/retelling of the story, but instead should always make an argument; you should pick one side of the assigned question and make a case for why that is your answer. Underline your argument/thesis.

Do not use the first person; use the past tense; and remember that a paragraph must be composed of at least 4-5 sentences. You do not need to write a conclusion for these papers; instead, use as much space as possible for discussion and analysis of the texts. Do not use any outside sources for these papers, including the library, other texts, or the internet. Use only readings that are part of this course and lecture for your discussion and evidence.