Choose any organization with which you interact on a regular basis. This organization can be your place of employment, local supermarket, church, school, or any other type of retailer.


For this activity, you will deliver a 3-minute audio response with a script and write in a word document
After reading Mintzberg’s managerial roles (Ferrell et al., Chapter 6), choose only one of the three roles.
Choose any organization with which you interact on a regular basis. This organization can be your place of employment, local supermarket, church, school, or any other type of retailer. Noticeable organizations, such as public corporations, will not be considered for this activity.
In your response, address the following:
Introduce the organization.
Identify at least three specific managerial activities associated with these roles at the three managerial levels described in this Week’s lessons.
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1, Three of the activities associated with the three managerial levels are, planning, organizing, and controlling. Each level of management, top, Middle and first line, prioritize the activities differently. Example, top level managers prioritize, or spend more time planning the overall map and blueprint on how the organization will become and stay successful. Top level management is charged with strategic planning, the 3 to 5 year plan. While Middle managers focus on organizing at the tactical level. Middle managers have to structure their resources, activities, in the best way possible to complete the tasks in an effective and efficient manner. Front line supervisors spend most of their time controlling the day to day activities and resources given by middle management to ensure the task stay on track and get completed. They are charged with monitoring the workforce and making front-line decisions based on the planing and organization from upper management.


2, The organization I will discuss today will be Marianos Fresh Market which is owned by the fortune 500 company, Kroger enterprise. I have chosen this organization because its my place of employment. My title in this company is the People Services Manager better known as the human resources manager. This position is considered first line management and requires many interpersonal, informational, and decisional roles.
At Mariano’s we have multiple levels of management. We have the president, vice president, and CEO in top management. We have the division leaders, department coordinators, and corporate team in middle management. Then we have the store management team and department leads in the first line management category.
Some actives within the first line management role are hiring, training, coaching, motivating, communicating, and the list goes on. When leading the team, I empower my team to know why their work is important and how to get effective results. I am all for positive reinforcement, working alongside the team during times of change, and getting feedback from the associates to make better decisions in the future. By doing this, I gain the trust and respect of the employees and continue to be a good manager.
In my role, my associates say I make the job look easy but the job is not that easy. As this was my first manger role out of college, I had/have a lot of growing and learning to do. On a daily basis, I have to deliver timely results, relate to people, communicate information effectively, and make important decisions to add to the success of the company.


Thank you