Child Development

Instructions: This paper is designed to allow you to research any child developmental period of interest to you. Therefore, after you pick a period (ex. infant, toddler, early childhood, middle childhood or adolescence) you will be asked to research and report about the childs physical, cognitive, socioemotional and cultural development. The following are some questions to help guide you:

What does normal physical development look like for this child?
How does children in this age group problem solve?
What types of play and interactions are important within this age group?
From birth to now what does it mean to be socialized into a culture (beliefs, traditions, customs, etc.)?

In your research, you must find 10 empirical research articles on your own and discuss them as well as a current news topics. Hint: a good article to look in is The Journal of Child Development. The following is intended as a guide for writing the paper.

Typing your paper:

The paper should be 20 pages not including the title and reference page.

APA format

12pt. Font Times New Roman and Justified

Structure of your paper/presentation:

I. Identification of the child

Name (fictitious) age, race, gender

II. Physical Development

Risk Factors

Growth of Body & Brain

Motor Development

III. Cognitive Development

Piagets Stages

Language Development

IV. Socioemotional Development


Friends /Ability to Play

V. Cultural Development