Child Development Theory Paper Assignment

Choose a child development theory that interests you most from the following:
1. Freuds Psychosexual Theory and Theory of the Mind;
2. Eriksons Psychosocial Theory;
3. F. Skinners Operant Conditioning Theory;
4. Banduras Social Learning Theory;
5. Piagets Cognitive Developmental Theory (including assimilation and accommodation);
6. Vygotskys Sociocultural Theory.

Write a 4-5 page paper, typed, and double-spaced. Include the following:

+ A summary of the theory of child development you chose describing its key components (at least two pages). Include citations within the text when paraphrasing or quoting.

+ A discussion of one or more criticisms of the theory. Are there elements of the theory that experts have determined to be inaccurate or wrong? What are the shortcomings of this theory? Are there aspects of the theory (such as how research was conducted) that raise ethical issues?

+ Explain how this theory compares and contrasts with your experience and beliefs about how children develop. In other words, to what extent do you feel this theory is valid based on your own experiences? Provide two specific examples from your life to support your viewpoint.

+Now that you have learned about this theory, describe two specific examples of how your interactions with children will be influenced or guided by this theory in the future.In other words, how can you apply this theory in the real world?

+Include a works cited page in MLA format.

Summary is complete, includes all main parts of theory, in students own words, quotes and paraphrasing are correctly cited

Strong analysis of one or more criticism of theory. Discusses ethical concerns (if there are any).

Makes 2 or more relevant and specific comparisons of theory to own experience

Provides 2 or more clear examples of how interactions with children will be influenced by this theory

Typed, neat, and free of grammar and spelling errors. Well edited.

At least 3 educational references cited correctly