Chatbots and PWA in the beauty industry

This thesis falls under both media and web design.
Please write it using the British style of spelling not American

The project is about a makeup website that has a chatbot feature in the context of PWA (Progressive Web Apps). The website acts as your go to digital assistant based on your skin color and type or hair color/ eye color and what is the suitable makeup options for you.

Please use critical thinking when writing to make the paper even stronger. Use counter arguments to the points being made and back it up with academic sources for example Jones(2020) suggests so and so while Adams (2020) suggest such and such. another example; Although jones(2020) suggest so and so Adams (2020) states that such and such.

The question; “The impact of chabots in the context of PWA (Progressive Web Apps) within the beauty industry.”

For Methodology please research what is best for UX (user experience) include terms like GUI and UX terms for web design etc. Maybe agile approach would be best.

Also for the methodology include that it’s a mix method between qualitative and quantitive methods and write why mix methods was chosen back it up with academic resources as well.

Quantitive was first conducted then qualitative and state why.

Please have a section called practical development and write the process of the development;
– the chosen colours of the logo and the brand the chosen colors are black and purple and grey research behind the psychological aspect of the colours and what they represent with sources also write about it in terms of web design

-Please include things in terms of web design what is the best practice to include in modern day websites and have reliable sources and key theorists in the field of design and web.

-Please include for future and scalability the website will incorporate skin care it will expand not only for makeup but also skin care.

Please include graphs as well. Please back up the information with reliable sources.

I will be sending you surveys and the results to incorporate in thesis once it’s finalized I need a couple of days if that’s fine I would like a head start on the other things.

Lastly, add information in the appendix and refer to them in the writing.

Other than what is mentioned please follow the regular criteria and sections of a thesis paper.

Ask me anything and please be open to revise when asked. Highly appreciated. I really want a good grade.