Challenges and Opportunities by CPEC for local people in Pakistan: A critical review of literature

This should be review paper, where the writer can search for literature regarding mega development projects under the umbrella of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.
The review paper will be carried out to gather the work of researchers on mega development projects especially related to China Pakistan Economic Corridor. To discuss the themes these researchers discussed regarding mage development projects such as both challenges and opportunities brought by mega development projects for local population in different regions of Pakistan. This critical review will highlight the emerging themes in already published work and will identify the areas that yet to be studied.

Study design: Review.
Methods: An overview of studies on mega development projects including those of China Pakistan Economic corridor and the Belt and Road initiative projects via searches on scholarly databases which intend to locate material of anthropological relevance.

Main focus: The literature review should focus mainly both challenges and opportunities brought by different construction and other mega projects to the people where the projects were launched. The writer should develop good arguments in light of the literature review to support or reject the existing literature reviewed arguments. Themes such as challenges and opportunities by mega development projects mean how mega development projects in Pakistan brought problems for the local people where it is launched. For example the people are displaced but not compensated properly. Their socio-cultural set up disturbed. Their cultural identity faded away. They did not get proper opportunities from the projects. There is increased socio-economic inequalities brought by these mega development ventures. Land use changes in these areas and how such land use changes affect people social, culturally and economically, environmental problems brought by such projects, urbanization of the area and influx of migrants to the area and many more bad affects and challenge etc. Opportunities brought by such mega projects mean how these projects globalized the locality and how it give new opportunities to the local people. How people are transformed from their traditional professions and they are getting new job opportunities to adjust to the change. How it brought migrants to the area which not only brought challenges for local people but also some opportunities. These and other related sub themes should be sort out under two broader themes (Challenges and opportunities).

If the existing literature did not touch many of these areas then what kind of themes and areas these studies touched and what other areas are remained to be researched such as many of the above areas might not be touched by existing literature.
Another important aspect to discuss in this review paper is why the mega development projects brought so many problems for local people while less opportunities for them. The already published literature might identified some problems in the implementation of these projects thats why it brought many problems for local people during and after implementations. These problems might be top down policies in the projects implementations, authoritarian policies, less participation of local people in the projects evaluations and post implementations, state problems such as state may use such projects for political purposes, corruption problems and many more policy aspects problems should be sought out in the existing literature. Furthermore how can you recommend what such areas are not discussed by existing literature and need to be researched in order to improve development related policies in Pakistan.

You should also focused in which areas such studies were conducted and in which areas/region of Pakistan no or less such studies were conducted regarding mega development projects and its positive and negative impacts.

You should also focus to review the literature how people resist to such mega development projects and how the Pakistani state deal with resistance of the local people. Whether the state authorities are democratic or authoritarian to local responses.