Case Presentation Instructional Plan (Autism Disorder)

Research article should meet the following requirements:
Supports diagnosis and/or treatment
No more than 5 years old
Qualitative or quantitative
Research study (population, sample size, results, conclusion etc.)
Please follow this template
I. A. Interest in topic- Autism Disorder
B. Review and list objectives
C. Identify the prevalence, prevention, symptoms and causes of Autism Disorder
Identify the subjective and objectives signs of presentation
Identify the appropriate laboratory test and diagnosis
Identify the treatment and efficient management plan
At the end of this presentation, the learner will be able to
1. Understand the causes, symptoms, prevalence, and prevention of Autism Disorder
2. Understand the management of Autism Disorder using evidence-based practices
3. Will be able to diagnose Autism Disorder based on subjective and objective symptoms and laboratory tests
A. Chief complaint/HPI
B. Subjective data
1. Medications/allergies
2. Medical History
3. Family History
4. Social History
5. ROS
C. Objective data
1. Vital signs
2. Physical assessment
D. Differential Diagnoses
E. Diagnostics (labs/imaging)
F. Diagnosis
G. Risk Factors
H. Treatment plan
1. Medication 2. Patient Education 3. Follow up

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