Business Research Project on Switzerland

The country that this student chooses to do their research project on is Switzerland. Switzerland is in Central Europe and is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. This student chose this country because it has low-employment, a very skilled labor force, and a GDP of $705.5 billion. Switzerland is also rated number two for open business in the world and number five for entrepreneurship opportunities.

Prepare a research paper that highlights the potential opportunities, risks and challenges of doing business in the country chosen above. Topics to include:

A. Brief overview of the country and demographics.
B. The political and legal environment.
C. The economic environment.
D. Cultural issues.
E. Any other important issues.

Approximately 1,000 words in length. Do not use the personal pronouns “I, me, you”; no contractions. Incorporate a minimum of six terms from the text (highlight in bold within the paper).

Cite your sources. At least four sources, including your textbook, must be used. All written work must be completed using proper APA format.