Business plan for a potential new market (Global business)

This assignment is an extension of the midterm. It relies on the assumption that you will proceed with the decision to take your company global.

The assignment should include all of the following sections:


Present a financial analysis for the expansion.

Include a 2-year projection

One or more financial statements

Return on investments

A written analysis for your investors explaining the financial statements and your recommendations.

Previous courses to be used for assistance: Accounting I & II, Financial Statement Analysis, Math of Finance, Business Finance I, Corporate Finance


Create an IMC (integrated marketing campaign) to launch in your destination country(ies).

This campaign should include your mission statement, logo, slogan, and message. You may design your own or use existing images. Make sure your logos, slogans, and company names translate well into your destinations language.

It should identify your target market in terms of demographics, psychographics, etc.

Identify any cultural or ethical issues you faced and how they were addressed.

Previous courses to be used for assistance: Marketing Management, Advertising and Media, Social Media, Marketing Research

Corporate Social Responsibility / Environmental Sustainability:

Create a CSR campaign to launch in your destination country.

This activity should first identify how your product may or may not harm the environment and display your plan to counteract that hazard.

If your product is environmentally sound and beneficial, your presentation should highlight these points and go into detailed descriptions.

In all cases, a CSR campaign or plan should be designed to outline the value added to your host company and its citizens.

Previous courses to be used for assistance: Environmental Sustainability


Word count: 3000 words

Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendices are excluded of the total word count.

Font: Arial / Times New Roman 12 pts.

Text alignment: Justified.

The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvards citation style.