Building a standalone professional website:

In this project you don’t need to do any research. The content of my website design is reference from You need to write around 1200 words to describe the project. Divide in these few parts.

1. Content Study: Map the exact, non-modified content to an Information Architecture and show it as a Node-Link Tree diagram that represents the network of existing information as provided.
2. Personas: Identify and describe three distinct user personas that you speculate will be the primary user groups of your content.

3. New IA: Draw a revised Node-Link Tree diagram that reflects your new approach to the IA based on usability considerations for the three user personas and logistics of building a usable and interactive website.

4. Navigation: Identify and clearly label all types of navigations for your IA: Structural, Associative, Utility

5. Wireframes: Build wireframe for 2 individual page-types: the homepage and 1 inner content pages. For example, in addition to the homepage choose one of the following pages to wireframe: About, Contact, Photo Gallery, Video, People Profile, Products, Events. Describe how your wireframes respond to the personas, your proposed IA and principles of usability.

7. Process: Include all steps, brainstorming and visual studies that led to the final design along with all work executed during this project. Sketches and studies, prototypes, rough layouts and tests must be thoroughly documented and organized. Any hypothesis and resource used to explain the rationale for a choice, persona and/or approach should be included in written format.