Branding- L’Oréal

This is for my strategic branding management class. Im working with my team in completing a research paper for the company LOral, the work is split between myself and my group, Im assigned the marketing communications part, that is highlighted, please properly read the subtitles and write and analyze accordingly. ALSO, I need 2 paragraphs written about a proposed strategy for LOral to improve their marketing communications. I will upload my class PowerPoints, so you could use the terminology and concepts. Please properly analyze, and use proper sources.

Marketing communications
Role of marketing communications in consumers decision-making journey
6M model (strategic intent and execution): message, media, mission, market
o Passive or active
o System 1 or 2 processing (central vs peripheral route)
Non-narrative or narrative storytelling
o 4 elements of a story
o Cross-media vs transmedia