Book Review on “The Goodness Paradox”

3 single spaced pages with 1-inch margins and in a standard 12point font.
Include your Works Cited/Bibliography at the end
1/3 of the review is summary and the other 2/3 is analysis using 22-3 sources on a specific set of chapters or an idea brought up in the book

Followed Directions: 10 points
Paper is appropriate length.
Margins, font, and line spacing all adhere to the formatting requirements.
Sources, both in-text and within the bibliography, conform to requirements.
Summary: 20 points
Provides a succinct and accurate book summary (maximum, one-third of review). Provides some context for the book.
Critique: 30 points
Provides a critical assessment of the books strengths and weaknesses/limitations
For guidance on providing critical assessment, read the assignment instructions and visit
Research: 20 points
Supports critique using outside sources.
Provides appropriate number of sources.
Sources are from peer-reviewed journals or edited volumes.
Sources are directly relevant to the review.
Grammar and Writing Style: 20 points
Few (if any) typos or grammatical errors.
Well, structured, clearly written, and easy to understand.
Uses professional language (i.e., does not use slang, contractions, etc.)