Biotechnology Applications Research Paper
This assignment is a short research paper on a topic of your choosing that relates to some aspect of biotechnology applications. Submit your paper as a Word document or PDF (no Google docs or Pages files). Required sections are listed below:

Topic: Many new and exciting technologies exist to alter the DNA of various organisms for human benefit. What are these technologies? How are they being used? How should they be used? Your mission is to choose one method or aspect of biotechnology (examples: CRISPR/Caspase, GMO foods, transgenic organisms, engineered viruses, cloning, stem cells, and many others – consult with instructor before proceeding) and write a report that answers these questions.

The paper should address the following: Describe, in detail, how the method or approach you have chosen works (relate to class material when relevant). Provide the reader with at least one example of how the approach is currently being used and at least one example of potential future applications. Also, provide your opinion regarding whether or not your chosen approach is ethical, and, if so, in what circumstances you believe it should or should not be used.

Logistics: The paper should be a minimum of 4 pages long (4 WHOLE pages, not 3 pages + a line or two on the fourth page), double-spaced, 12-pt Arial font. Include your name, course section, and date. A title is also required. A minimum of 5 high-quality references are needed in MLA or APA formats (see writing center or library) on separate page (the reference page does not count as one of your four pages). References can be all from internet; however, do not use multiple sources from one internet site (ex. Wikipedia sources on Wikipedia page). Please include the web address in your reference. Also, remember to reference throughout the text of the paper (in-text citations). No direct quotes allowed for this paper.